Here’s what I've done with traditional drawing.

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Phoenix Rising

This is a remaster of an old drawing. 

Harley & Rowdy

This is a cartoon rendition of the puppies my mom has.


This is my rendition of the Joker. It's a combination of the Arkham's Mark Hamill Joker and the Dark Knight's Heath Ledger Joker with my own twist. 

The Mandolorian & the Child

He wants the ball.


This was drawn for my brother Brian for his 30th birthday. This is a main villain from the Metroid series video games.


This is Samus. She is the hero from the Metroid games.

Mr. Freeze

The Joker

Batman New 52

This is an action pose from the new 52 Batman


This is a character that I was hoping to put in a comic series called Marty & Friends

Creepy Hand

Mountaintop Sunset

Me as a cartoon

This is a caricature I did of myself.

Yin Yang Koi

Drawn in 2017

Celtic Knots

Drawn in 2017


Who doesn't like a fluffy bunny?

Logo for G.A.M.E.

This the logo designed for a company name G.A.M.E. (Grown Ass Men Equipment). Drawn in 2017. You can also see the graphic design concept in the other gallery.


That's it...it's a butterfly.

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Harley Davidson

This was drawn as a personal commission piece. A woman approached me, because her husband had expressed a liking for my artwork. She asked me to do this in secret for her husband who loves motorcycles. Drawn in 2016.

This is what she said

I couldn't believe how quickly he finished the piece. Every single detail of the motorcycle was on there. You can see every nut and bolt. No picture can do justice to seeing it in person, and my husband couldn't have been more pleased.

Bursting from Within Tattoo Design

This is a tattoo design that I was commissioned for. It was drawn as a representation of the customer's inner self. The world sees her as timid (represented by the fairy crying on the mushroom), but beneath is a powerful and brilliant creature trying to escape (represented by the phoenix in the background.

This is what she said

I absolutely love my new tattoo design! It's even more beautiful and impressive in person! I'm looking forward to getting it done! I want to take this opportunity to not only thank Sean, but to tell everyone how wonderful he is to work with. Sean I love your artwork!

Anonymous Customer

Batman VS Joker

This was drawn in 2015 for myself. As you can tell by my logo, I like Batman.

Arkham Batman

This was drawn in 2016 to be added to my Batman collection.

Star Wars

This was drawn in 2014 for a woman that wanted to get her kid something special for his birthday.

R.M.S. Enterprise

Drawn in 2013

Green Eyes

Drawn in 2015

Zen Sun & Moon

Drawn in 2016

Music Splat

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Hear Evil See Evil Speak Evil

This was drawn as a tattoo design for a man who wanted a representation of evil. I drew a play on the image of the three monkeys covering to hide from sin. Here are three demons who thrive for it.



Did you see my graphic designs?

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