Here's what I've done with graphic design

Game Logo

This is the design I presented to the company G.A.M.E. before drawing the final product. Make sure to check that out on the drawing and tattoo design section.

EZTie Instructions

I was approached by a man who invented the EZTie. A device meant to assist people to tie balloons. The problem he had was that no one seemed to understand the instructions he had before. I worked with him to create this, which is the version now on his product with over 10,000 sold today.

Here's what he said

I spent three years trying to get someone who could help me with this. I went to multiple people and companies only to have to search again. Sean did in three days what no one else could do in three years. I will never go to anyone else for Photoshop or graphic design again.

Gerald Herren - Inventor of EZTie

The Future Academy

This is the design for a company working on an online school.

Storm Trooper I.D.

A customer requested for me to design a Storm Trooper I.D. card for him to put on his merchandise. This design incorporates common information on any I.D. card as well as several fun to find references to the popular franchise.

Pro Wrestlers VS. Zombies Logo & Poster

This was designed by me in 2014 for the film Pro Wrestlers VS. Zombies. The director informed me that he wanted the appearance of a wrestling poster while including the pertinent information for the film. The logo itself was also designed by me to incorporate the feel of wrestling as well as the horror of zombies.

Black Crimson Effects Studio Logo

During the duration of my work on the film Pro Wrestlers VS. Zombies, I also created this new and improved design for the special effects company that worked on the film.

Cauldron Vape Logo & Label

This is the design I created for Cauldron Vape. It has the look of an aged potion bottle while still including all required information for the companies merchandise.

Ritmo Latino

This is a poster that was designed for a special event at the Locker Room Bar and Grill in Marietta, Ohio. 

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